June is Fresh Fruit & Veggies Month

Suggested Daily Servings: 3-5 Servings of Vegetables a day 2-4 Servings of Fruit a day WHY EAT PLENTY OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES? Different fruits and vegetables are rich in different nutrients. Some fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of carotenoids, including those which form vitamin A, while others may be rich in vitamin C, folate, … Continue reading June is Fresh Fruit & Veggies Month

Who got the Gold Medal for Clean Eating?

The 2018 CrossFit Tides Nutrition Challenge is now complete. This year we had 43 participants participating in the challenge. This challenge took place over 5 weeks and focused on the quality of food our athletes were consuming. We did not focus on weight loss, instead we focused on changes in performance, energy levels, body fat … Continue reading Who got the Gold Medal for Clean Eating?

2018 CrossFit Tides Nutrition Challenge

Welcome to the 2018 CFT Nutrition Challenge!! Every member is welcome to participate. Below you will find details regarding the challenge, acceptable foods, measurements and FAQs. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask any member of the CFT team. Nutrition is a critical part of results–no matter how hard you try, … Continue reading 2018 CrossFit Tides Nutrition Challenge