The kids are watching!

Kids Black and White.jpg

Ever feel like you are being watched? Well, you are. Your kids, my kids, everyone’s kids in the box are watching you.

We have all heard the saying ‘It takes a village’ when it comes to raising kids. Well, what if that village was a group of 100 adults that loved working out and eating healthy? Adults that choose to do activities like hiking, swimming, biking and working out together. What if your kids attended BBQs that had healthy choices and everyone was playing outside?

This is the kind of village that kids are exposed to when their parents are part of a CrossFit box. This means that they are being exposed to the behaviors of other adults, not just their parents. That means that even though you may not have kids sitting on the sideline – you are still serving as a role model. Let’s make it a good one!

mom-5.jpgMom 1







We know that by just stepping inside the box the kids are being exposed to adults that make physical fitness and health a priority in their lives. Ever wonder what other behaviors they are picking up on? How about that time everyone surrounded the last athlete to finish and cheered them on, they learned about encouraging behavior! Remember when you really wanted to give up in the middle of a tough WOD, but instead you pushed even harder to make it through, they learned about mental toughness and overcoming obstacles. You know how a lot of the women in the gym are keeping up with the guys or potentially beating them? What a great lesson on the misconception of being the weaker sex and about breaking stereotypes. And no matter who they are watching, they are watching everyone push themselves and try their best!

So what do we take away from this? We all have a responsibility to lead and set a good example. Why? Because…. The kids are watching!



For information on our Summer Kids Program and Middle School / High School Programs Click HERE.


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