The kids are watching!

Ever feel like you are being watched? Well, you are. Your kids, my kids, everyone’s kids in the box are watching you. We have all heard the saying ‘It takes a village’ when it comes to raising kids. Well, what if that village was a group of 100 adults that loved working out and eating … Continue reading The kids are watching!

June is Fresh Fruit & Veggies Month

Suggested Daily Servings: 3-5 Servings of Vegetables a day 2-4 Servings of Fruit a day WHY EAT PLENTY OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES? Different fruits and vegetables are rich in different nutrients. Some fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of carotenoids, including those which form vitamin A, while others may be rich in vitamin C, folate, … Continue reading June is Fresh Fruit & Veggies Month

June Athlete of the Month!!

Brooke celebrated her one year anniversary at CrossFit Tides in May. She is so much fun to have in class, bringing a smile to the group every time she attends. No matter what is happening in her life Brooke continues to be dedicated to her fitness and making time to join us for a WOD.  You can always find her engaging in a fun conversation with other members and keeping a positive attitude during class.